Toshiba DKT2010SD - DKT2020SD phones review

Published: 19th June 2009
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The popularity of corded phones has always been increasing even on these days when cordless phones are looming over in the horizon. DKT2010SD is one such phone that has carved its own place among the different corded phone models that are available in the market. We shall be looking into some of the features that set them apart from a normal corded phone. One of the notable features of the phone is the presence of a large display. People choose phones with integrated display because of their sheer functionality.

Phones come with programmable buttons these days. These buttons when programmed can be used for suitable purposes such as call forwarding, voice mail retrieval, call conferencing and intercom facilities. Likewise, the DKT2010SD hosts 10 buttons with the help of which some of the "chore" functions have been simplified. The readers must be already familiar with the Strata DK systems that have been brought forth in collaboration with Toshiba. The phone will find good use if you are using one of those systems, because they can be easily coupled with each other. Talk about the marvels of modern technologies!

The DKT2010SD is a speakerphone. Hence, you will be able to do the dialing procedures without taking the phone off its hook. This makes the phone one of the best suited in corporate environments. Appropriate volume buttons have been provided for controlling the loudness of the phone's ring tones. You need not worry about someone shouting at you through phone, because this model even features an integrated volume control for the earpiece. Such advanced features can be found in cordless phones only. In short DKT2010SD gives you all the functionality of a cordless phone, while being a corded phone which is best suited for homes and offices.

DKT2020SD Toshiba phones have similar features as DKT2010 with the difference that it comes with 20 programmable buttons. The DKT2020SD and the DKT2010SD are compatible with all Toshiba DKT and CIX systems.

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